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Autotransfusion of photo-modified blood (UVB, ultraviolet blood irradiation) is back transfusion of patient’s own blood taken from his vein into a container with a stabilizer and irradiated with the light of a mercury lamp or laser.

UVB is one of quantum therapy methods and has well proven itself as a mean for stimulation of patient’s own compensatory mechanisms.

Indications for UVB therapy are many diseases of respiratory and digestive organs, cardiovascular system, pyo-inflammatory and obstetric-gynecological diseases , and kidney, skin diseases and alcohol abstinence syndrome aswell.

An UVB course results in a higher immunity, bactericide properties of blood, improved oxygen supply to tissues. The blood becomes enriched with nutritional substances, characteristics of its corpuscles change, coagulation capacity normalizes, micro-vessels become expanded which is essential for thrombogenesis prevention.

UVB has marked de-toxicating, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

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