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Ultrasonic Examination Room

Ultrasonic examination (USE or USD – Ultrasonic Diagnostics) is very actively used in medical practices for diagnostics of various diseases.

Scope of application ultrasonic apparatus

Abdominal Ultrasonic Examination

raesons for abdominal U-sonic examination are suspicions for development anomalies of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, diffuse and focal liver diseases of nonmalignant and malignant nature.


Thyroid Ultrasonic Examination

Allows assessment of thyroid condition. 100% credibility in identification of diffuse-focal thyroid lesion.


Pelvis Ultrasonic Examination

For women, this method provides a very detailed examination of uterus and ovaries, detection of cysts and myoma. For men, pelvic U-sonic examination allows prostate visualization. The shape and size of pelvis organs can be identified. Gland formations can be visualized using a rectal ultrasonic sensor to detect diffuse-focal lesions.


Kidney Ultrasonic Examination

Suspicion for any disease of kidney parenchyma and urinary excretory tract; poorly correctible arterial hypertension, this examination is used as the most informative and accessible method for kidney cancer screening.


Heart Ultrasonic Examination

This method enables to investigate the condition and functioning of neart muscle and valves, evaluate blood flow velocity, size and thickness of vascular and cardiac calculus walls.


Ultrasonic Examination at Early Pregnancy Stages

The ultrasonic examination of pelvis organs is the main method to identify early pregnancy stages (2-3 to 5-6 weeks), pregnancy duration after conception, assessment of fertilized ovum in the uterus cavity, identification of anatomical and functional features of uterus, ovaries and subsequent ultrasonic monitoring up to childbirth.


Ultrasonic Examination in Obstetrics

The main task of fetus ultrasonic examination is prevention of hereditary and congenital diseases in children, and detection of any fetus development pathology. It is a mandatory requirement in Russia to recommend all women to take three screening ultrasonic examinations during pregnancy:

  • U/S at 12-14 weeks;
  • U/S at 20-24 weeks;
  • U/S at 32-34 weeks.


Ultrasonic Examination of Mammary Glands

Differential diagnostics of cysts and solid formations, examination of pregnant and feeding women, examination of children and teenagers of both genders, during an acute period of traumas and inflammation. Assessment of silicon prosthesis condition. Ultrasonic condition during puncture biopsy, evaluation of indurations of unclear etiology.


Vascular Ultrasonic Examination

A Doppler vascular examination enables to see if there are any atherosclerotic patches that may be caused by vascular stenosis or if there is any varicosis.

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