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The most advanced X-ray unit installed in Tomograph-As Center can see EVERYTHING

The «Tomograph-As» Medical Center continues confirming its reputation as one of the best equipped medical centers in Primorsky Region. Latest medical technologies are continuously added to its diagnostic facilities. A new Injury Care Center equipped with a CLINOMAT (Italray) latest-design X-ray unit was opened here in October. It is the only unit of this kind in all medical institutions of the Russian Far East.

The new equipment was supplied after tough selection of equipment brand name and vendors. CLINOMAT has won the tender due to such advantages as the broadest diagnostic range, Italian assembly and pre-installation in Italy (as a matter of fact, apparatus under this brand name were supplied to Russian under the “Zdorovye” national project).

The new digital X-ray package features high quality of images, extremely low radiation exposure and perfect ergonomics. It is optimal for all X-ray examination types and indispensable for the Traumatology & Orthopedics Room recently opened in our medical center: it will not miss any bone or joint pathology no matter how “inconveniently” it might be located.

“The “spatial” resolution of this CLINOMAT model is much higher than that of standard apparatus and enables to use it for a broadest X-ray examination range, says Alexey Anatolyevich Voronin, a specialist certified for operation of X-ray units by Italray company. – The X-ray tube rotates 270 degrees; a floating height adjustable tabletop easily takes any position up to a vertical, thus enabling to reach any injured place even in  immobile patients”.

It is essential that the CLINOMAT unit outputs images both to X-ray film and hardcopy or magnetic carriers which very convenient for the doctor and for the patient. It is even more important that our Center’s patients are guaranteed quick and accurate establishment of any diagnosis preceded by an X-ray examination.

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