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Ozone therapy

In recent years, ozone therapy becomes more popular all over the world as a non-medicamental health improvement and treatment method.

Practical experiences of ozone therapy clinics and centers in our country show that almost 200 various diseases can be cured using this live-giving gas. In some cases, ozone may replace potent drugs with high efficiency and, which is most important, without any side effects. Furthermore, efficiency of all other treatment methods rises in combination with ozone. Generally speaking, ozone therapy produces positive effects in case of any minor ailment. It is effective even when treating heart ischemia and acute infarction.

Ozone therapy is used for treatment of acute and chronic diseases of external and internal sexual organs, septic diseases, herpetic infection, habitual miscarriage, fetoplacental insufficiency, gestoses.

Dermatology (eczema, psoriasis, skin mycotic lesions, acne), joint diseases, acute and chronic hepatitis varieties, lung diseases, cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases.

Ozone therapy produces the following effects:

bactericide. Ozone kills virtually all types of fungi, bacteria and protozoa.

  • anti-inflammatory effect.
  • raises systemic immunity.
  • anesthetic effect.
  • disintoxication effect.
  • activation of oxygen-dependent processes.

Introduction of even small ozone doses is accompanied by an increased content of free and dissolved oxygen in blood.

hemostatic effect.

Ozone therapy is used in obstetrics in case of threatened miscarriage during any pregnancy stage, toxicoses during I and II pregnancy half, anemia of pregnant women, intrauterine infection, placental insufficiency.

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