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For any person, the “cancer” diagnosis always is a serious life trial. But one should not lose his spirit because there is always some hope. Given proper diagnostics and timely quality treatment, many oncological patients come back to normal life.

Our oncologist Askar Sharshenbekovich Abdyshev has 20 years of experience. He performs diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of mammary gland diseases; gives consultations on skin diseases including removal of birthmarks, warts and papillomas using the Surgitron apparatus; consultations on pre-surgery and post-surgery chemotherapy; observation of patients with tumoral diseases of the lungs, stomach, skin, colon and rectum, prostate, kidneys.

According to statistics data, leading oncological diseases in Vladivostok are skin cancer, lung carcinoma, mammary gland and prostate carcinoma, cervical carcinoma. Smokers more frequently suffer from lung carcinoma, and skin cancer more frequently affects fair-haired and red-haired people with light skin as well as solarium and sunbathing enthusiasts. These categories fall under the high risk group.

“Clinically, cancer reveals itself much later than appears in the organism. A tumoral process may develop during a year or two and then suddenly reveal itself. Cancer is treacherous because of its asymptomatic development. Quite frequently, any symptoms reveal themselves only at III and IV stages. That’s why cancer screening and early diagnostics is a very important step in oncopathology diagnostics,” says Askar Sh. Abdyshev.

Oncology is a science involving comprehensive examination of the patient. Examination standards include: X-ray of lung once a year, abdominal ultrasonic examination once in half a year, men above 40 years are recommended to consult an urologist every year, women above 40 years are recommended to take mammography and visit a gynecologist once a year.

Unfortunately, oncological disease occurrence is growing from year to year. The rate of mortality caused by pathologies of this kind also grows. Oncological diseases are in the leading trio in terms of lethal cases following cardiovascular diseases. It is visual localization that is most important in this respect. For women, this is mammary gland carcinoma and cervical carcinoma. That’s why it is so important to visit a gynecologist on a regular basis and pass testing for human papillomavirus (HPV).

“Patients often come with already decomposing tumors. Advanced stages of diseases are largely explained by the fact that patients apply to folk medicine, medical herbs and are afraid of visiting and doctor in the hope that “maybe, it will stop”. But time is a key factor here and one should never rely on “maybe”, comments Askar Sh. Abdyshev.

The doctor notes that stress situations have very onerous effects on human organism and often trigger an oncopathology. Of course, growth of cancer cases is also explained by such factors as nutrition – today we consume a lot of genetically modified food products. Together with poor ecology, all these factors produce a strong adverse impact on human organism. That’s why doctors recommend taking care of our nervous system and bringing as many positive emotions as possible into our life. And, of course, we should take preventive examinations on a regular basis.

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