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More than 80% of eye diseases are effects of general diseases such as rheumatism, tuberculosis, diabetes, pancreatitis, hypertension, thyroid gland diseases, obesity and others.

In our days, man is exposed to high optical loads, beginning from school time and even earlier, which results in increasing distribution of eye diseases and earlier appearance of their effects. Early diagnostics of eye diseases  for a child and treatment started in due time will help maintain their eyesight.

The Asclepiy Medical Center offers the widest spectrum of qualified ophthalmological assistance opportunities to everybody willing to maintain his eyesight till old age suffering from eyesight disorders, wishing to maintain eyes of their children and prolong the nealthy condition and beauty of their eyes.

  • inflammatory eyes diseases;
  • refraction disorders (myopia, hypermitropia, astigmatism)
  • cataracts
  • glaucomas
  • etina and optic nerve diseases

In recent years, the term “computer vision syndrome” came into existence in ophthalmology. It is outlined by the following symptoms: stinging and gritty eyes, pain during eye movements, eyeball reddening, blurring vision, slow refocusing from nearby objects to distant ones and reversely, double vision and quick fatigue when reading. If you have noticed at least one of above listed symptoms, you should necessarily visit an oculist for consultation.

If you have one of such general diseases as diabetes, hypertension, joint diseases, hematopoietic system diseases, you should be regularly examined by an oculist to prevent grave complications.

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