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Obstetric & Gynecology Department


Many women visit the gynecologist only when they feel pain or discomfort. However, the most treacherous gynecological diseases develop virtually without any symptoms. 

To maintain women’s health means to assure calm and confidence in the coming future, possibility to learn pleasures of maternity. The best prescription for women’s health is regular preventive examinations by gynecologist at the Asclepius Medical Center.

Gynecological consultations have a great importance for conservation of women’s reproductive health. That’s why gynecology is one of the most important areas of focus in the Asclepius Medical Center. The diagnostic potential of our Gynecology Department includes state-of-the-art equipment by leading international medical equipment manufacturers, in-house clinical-diagnostic and bacteriological laboratories.

diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory processes in the genitourinary tract:

  • gynecological urethritis, cystitis, vagina inflammations caused by bacterial and viral infections including veneral disease;
  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases passed via sexual intercourse;
  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the neck of uterus;
  • diagnostics and treatment of oncopathology of the neck of uterus;
  • an advanced diagnostic method is used for the neck of uterus – video colposcopy;
  • gynecologist-endocrinologist: menstrual cycle disorders, endometriosis, hyperplastic processes, infertility caused by endocrinological pathology, uterine myoma, etc.
  • children’s gynecologist;
  • observation of pregnant women;
  • care for pregnant women with pregnancy pathologies on a daytime stay basis;
  • pre-gravidary preparation of couples;
  • correction of obstetric complications using efferent methods: autotransfusion of photo-modified blood, plasmapharesis and ozone therapy.
  • a lecture course for parents-to-be;
  • women rehabilitation during post-abortion period who have suffered from inflammatory diseases of pelvis organs;
  • care for pregnant women after use of auxiliary reproductive technologies;
  • care for female patients with high risk pregnancies (incubation or infertility problems).
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