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Preliminary record

Mammary Gland Self-Exam

1. Self-exam begins with mammary gland inspection infront of mirror. Stand straight, put your arms down along your body. Carefully inspect your mammary glands, giving attention to any changes of breast volume shape and changes of the skin color, nipple and nipple areola.



2. Raise your arms and carefully inspect your mammary glands from all sides giving attention to their shape and volume. Make sure that there are no folds, enlargements, wrinkles or other skin changes that had not been there before. Inspect your nipples once again to make sure that they are not inverted or have no other changes. Then compare your mammary glands giving special attention to any newly appearing asymmetry.



3. Check if there is any discharge from your nipple when compressed by the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. If there is any discharge, note its color.




4. Abstractly divide your mammary gland into four parts (quadrants) and investigate it quadrant by quadrant in the same sequence during each breast self-exam.






5. Remaining in a standing position, feel all zones of the mammary gland in advancing movements. Investigate your right mammary gland by straightened fingers of your left hand. Then investigate you left breast by your right hand.






6. Palpate your mammary glands quadrant by quadrant in a recumbent position. In this position, you can investigate the lower zones of your mammary gland more thoroughly.







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