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Homeopathy is a therapeutic treatment method developed in the 19th century and based on the laws of similar. The substance taken in large doses capable of causing certain symptoms in the organism cures similar symptoms when taken in small doses. i.e. ‘like cures like.’

Homeopathy has been and is developing as an effective, having no side effects, inexpensive and safe (when properly used) method.

Homeopathy is treatment without any antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents and hormones.

Homeopathic treatment is suitable for people of all ages – from newborns to oldsters. This method is particularly indicated for treatment of pregnant women and infants when antibiotics are contraindicated.

A classical homeopathist thoroughly studies all specifics of his patient. For him, the clinical diagnosis has no definitive importance for homeopathic drug selection. The doctor analyzes his patient’s physical symptoms together with his psychological particulars and prescribes only one homeopathic drug.

For what diseases can the homeopathic treatment method be used?

The homeopathic treatment method is applicable to all diseases that do not require emergent surgical treatment.

Cases are known when homeopathy helped in treatment of oncologic diseases (including brain tumors), tuberculosis, grave diseases of endocrine and cardiovascular systems and neurodegenerative diseases (such as multiple sclerosis).

Do homeopathic drugs have any side effects?

As homeopathic drugs are prescribed in minuscule non-toxic doses, there is no such notion as side effects, typical of traditional drug therapy.

What is raw material for homeopathic drugs?

Homeopathy has no relation to phytotherapy or treatment with medicinal herbs. Raw materials for homeopathic drugs may be minerals, plants, fungi, living organism secretions (snake poison and the like). They are multiply diluted which increases their efficiency. There are more than 3,000 drugs listed in the classical homeopathic pharmacopeia.

Homeopathic drugs:

  • are non-toxic;
  • cause no allergy;
  • have no side effects;
  • are safe.

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