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Functional Diagnostics Department



The Functional Diagnostics Department of Asclepius Medical Center performs the following examinations:

Recording and interpretation of resting and exercise electrocardiogram (EKG).

This method is mandatory and irreplaceable in case of painful feelings in the right side of the chest, in heart area, under scapula, in the left shoulder in order to rule out acute myocardial infarct and previous infarcts, to diagnose pre-infarct states, inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of the cardiac muscle, in case of dyspnea, air shortage feeling, shallow breathing, feeling of heart pulse intermissions, palpitation, heart pulse “dying away”, headache, dizziness, recurring loss of consciousness, edemas.

24-hour EKG monitoring (Holter EKG).

This is a method of EKG recording on an electronic carrier during a full day in the course of the patient’s normal life activities. This examination significantly expands possibilities of the ordinary electrocardiogram because it enables to register and study a person’s EKG variations during 24 hours (in an active period, at rest, during sleep, under physical and emotional loads), count the number of arrhythmias, identify their types, evaluate efficiency of prescribed treatment, register asymptomatic ischemia.

Layout of electrodes during Holter monitoring:

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24-hour blood pressure recording (Blood Pressure Monitoring System).

This method enables to study blood pressure data obtained during 24 hours (morning, daytime, night hours; at workplace, under physical load and during recovery). It enables to rule out ‘white coat’ hypertension, select most suitable timing for proper drug administration, adjust its dosage and evaluate efficiency of prescribed treatment.

I. Check-in procedures for 24-hour EKG monitoring (Holter EKG) and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring.

Information for patients:

1. To arrive 15 minutes before the examination for filling in a Contract form;

2. Patients having eyesight problems shall have their glasses.

3. Patients shall carry:


Appointment card

EKG – no later than one month before (if EKG image is unavailable, doctor will record it during reception – 200 rubles)

Cotton T-shirt or undershirt (mandatory).

4. Clothes (no dress) – free garment with a broad sleeve for unobstructed placement under it of a unit sized 15x25x16 cm for 24-hour monitoring.

5. Monitoring duration is up to 24 hours outside the medical institution.

6. Patient’s life style during this examination shall be normal.

7. The following is strictly prohibited during the examination:

1) to use a mobile phone;

2) to carry a switched-on mobile phone in a bag, hold it in hands, in the pocket, on the body;

3) to stay near or use any devices radiating ultrahigh frequency and electromagnetic fields;

4) vehicle driving shall be limited.



This is a method for examination of the pulmonary ventilation function based on measuring of breathing volumes and their graphic presentation:

- during quiet breathing;

- forced breathing;

- testing with a bronchodilator.

This examination is performed in case of respiratory allergies, idiopathic dyspnea, asphyxia attacks that may be caused by respiratory organ damage or be of non-pulmonary origin.

This method enables the attending doctor to detect bronchial or pulmonary pathology in due time, observe the dynamic of disease development, quality of drug effects and rehabilitative measures.

The assessment of external breathing function is important for professional selection, employability expert review, sports medicine, before surgical treatment for anesthetic method selection.

Functional Diagnostics Physician Evgenia Anatolyevna Shadchineva.


Functional Diagnostics Department

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