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Acute and chronic inflammations of paranasal sinuses are typical for of Primorsky Region residents. In fact, the frontal sinus, sphenoid sinus, ethmoidal labyrinth may also inflame – not only the maxillary sinus or so-called antrum of Highmore.

The most common method of maxillary sinusitis treatment is the puncture of the maxillary sinus but this can be avoided.

‘No-puncture’ maxillary sinusitis treatment has become the most widespread and effective treatment method to date, enabling to preclude any injury hazard for nasal cavity, bony structure and accessory nasal sinuses.

The “Yamic catheter” is successfully used for treatment of acute and chronic maxillary sinusitis and sinusitis with purulent discharge.

In addition, specialists of Tomograph-As Medical Center can offer our patients a conservative method of nasal polyp treatment. Surgical removal of polyps from the nasal cavity does not solve this problem.

The reason is that in most cases polyps get into the nose only after they have completely filled nasal sinuses and, upon any nose blowing and physical effort, polyps may ‘come out” from nasal sinuses to nasal cavities. That’s why any surgical treatment shall include polyp removal from nasal sinuses which is a more complicated surgical intervention than common nasal polypotomy (polyp removal from the nasal cavity).

The ENT Room of «Tomograph-As» Center assists our patients in getting rid of habituation to vasoconstrictive drugs (nose drops) widely used today by people as a means for ‘nose blockage’.

ENT diagnostics!

Modern ENT disgnostics used endoscopic equipment.

«Tomograph-As» Diagnostic Center has rhinoscopic diagnostic equipment for examination of the nasopharynx, cavity ostium, adenoids children`s and swelling degree, presence of tumoral formations. The endoscopic procedure is painless and takes no more than 5 minutes.

The “Tonsillor” apparatus is used for tonsillitis treatment by tonsil washing and simultaneously generated low-frequency ultrasound which ensures drug transfer all over the lymphoid tissue of tonsils. Beginning from the third procedure, iontophoresis interferon included, thus stimulating their own immune function.

This treatment method includes 10 procedures and yields an excellent result, but stimulation of the immune system sometimes leads to tonsillitis worsening. Chronic processes are treated via worsening. Visit our ENT Room and we will help you overcome your problems. 

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