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Dermatovenerology Department

Being permanently exposed to external environmental impacts, skin is one whole with the organism and often becomes subject to pathological changes arising in case of an overall illness of the organism or its separate organs and systems.

It is clear in this connection how difficult treatment of many dermatoses may be, when a background for disease development may be emerging during several years due to a number of unfavorable factors and then eventually be triggered by some insignificant occasion.

skin diseases are complicated, diverse and include:

  • acute allergic and bacterial dermatoses; 
  • chronic and hereditary dermatoses;
  • parasitic and viral dermatoses;
  • effects of infections and venereal diseases. 

In addition to dermatoses caused only by characteristic reasons, there is a large group of skin diseases that may be caused by various factors (eczema, lichen ruber planus, pink acne, etc.).

Selection of treatment remedy or method is fully dependent on the reason and character of particular skin disease. In order to select a proper skin treatment method, a preliminary deep and all-round examination is needed to identify factors that had caused the disease and factors contributing to diseases development in each individual case.

The Asclepius Medical Center performs diagnostics and treatment of diseases contracted via sexual intercourse using the most advanced techniques such as plasmapheresis, ozone, physiotherapy.

- diagnostics and treatment of infections passed via sexual intercourse; skin diseases: eczemas, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, dermatoses;

contagious mycotic and skin diseases: scabies, pediculosis, molluscum contagium.

- removal of papillomas, birth marks, warts by radiosurgery method (surgitron).

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