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Coloproctology Department

Many of our ethical notions are based on distorted perception. If such delusions have no effect on a healthy person in his ordinary life, an excessive feeling of shame may have tragic consequences for a person sick with some diseases. Proctologists know that very well.

Due to such factors of our modern environment as a sedentary way of life, refined foodstuffs, permanent distress, many people have rectum diseases today. Unfortunately, many do not have these disease diagnosed.

Few people know that the rectum is a high risk zone of pathological cell changes. They include a microbe flora, frequent injuries due to constipation and blood circulation disorders because of wrong life styles. Failure to visit a proctologist in due time may result in grave complications.

This can be avoided! Our specialists will help you avoid numerous physical and psychological problems during treatment of most sensitive diseases.

consulting and examination of patients with digestive tract diseases including problems of genitourinary tract, locomotory system, gynecological patients, pregnant women;

rectoromanoscopy is the basic primary instrumental examination method used to identify pathological changes of the colon mucous membrane;

conservative treatment of colon diseases (acute and chronic hemorrhoids, irritated colon syndrome, dysbacteriosis, acute and chronic constipation, etc.);

hydrocolonotherapy is an apparatus-based method of colon cleansing from toxins, residues; irrigation of the mucous membrane of the whole colon with ozone, bacteria; treatment of constipation. Elimination of overweisht intestine cleansing during pre-surgery preparation.

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