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Andrology & Urology Department

To maintain health of one’s genitourinary system means to have a high quality of life, reproductive ability and sexual longevity! Urologist’s consultations are needed for early diagnostics, timely preventive treatment and treatment of genitourinary system diseases both for men and women!

The Urology Department of the Asclepius Medical Center provides full-featured high-level urological diagnostics using unique treatment methods.

  • An urologist-andrologist’s scope of competence includes:
  • examination and treatment of patients with any diseases of urinal and reproductive systems; 
  • comprehensive and full examination and treatment of patients with prostate gland diseases; 
  • prostate biopsy and genetic diagnostics to identify increased risks of prostate cancer development; 
  • examination and treatment of patients with urination disorders, enuresis and chronic pelvic pain;
  • dispensary examinations, examination and treatment of children of all ages with any diseases and anomalies of urinal and reproductive system development;
  • issue of doctor’s sick slips;
  • full examination, performance of any diagnostic procedures using in-house equipment (Doppler vascular investigation, ultrasonic and Transrectal US diagnostics, pharmacodopplerography), treatment, rehabilitation and observation of patients with any urinogenital system diseases;
  • hospitalization of patients who need inpatient treatment including surgery (arrangements for treatment in foreign hospitals can be made).
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