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15.10.2012 Olga: Last week I visited ultrasonic diagnostics specialist Glushenko D.E. A good doctor! A personal young man with a pleasant voice. He told us everything in detail and showed our daughter…  He was examining a long time – we had time to see everything…

11.10.2012 Marina: Yanchuk Alexander Vasilievich is a cool doctor. He was doing plasmapharesis to me. He entertains his patient during the procedure if he has time: asking or telling something as if I was visiting not a hospital but a friend of mine. I liked everything. THANKS a lot that one may take a rest during your procedures (despite injections).

03.09. Dashulya: I visited the clinic in spring, on a preliminary check-in – it is so convenient when you are told when to come and there are no long queues. I visited the clinic just for an annual examination and was satisfied: doctors are nice, amicable and it is a pleasure to stay in centre

03.05.2012 Elena from BK: I am very glad that I had been received by Vashchenko Svetlana Nikolayevna – I will remember this doctor for the rest of my life. She saved me from such an awful condition that it’s hard to describe and never set any experiments on me – just prescribed what was necessary and EVEN did not charge money on some occasions telling me test results on telephone as I live in other city. She always listened attentively to the causes of my diseases, I never seen her angry or irritated. As for the procedural room, I`ve been lucky there as well. It’s hard to identify my veins by eye and I always have my blood sampled with sal ammoniac, otherwise, have to lie a long time after that. The assistant did everything quickly the first try and very delicate – I even forgot about the pad with sal ammoniac. I have seen many clinics and doctors and would like to tell that I have never met such nice people before – God bless them…

5.12.2011. Masya: An excellent centre The doctors are heaven-born. My doctor Titova cured me and prepared conception! There was a miscarriage threat since 2 weeks. She was very caring and kind. I might call by her personal telephone number any time and would always receiv competent and professional answers. A diet, day regimen, treatment method were selected carefully. A pessary was placed just in time! I delivered a wonderful absolutely healthy baby! Personnel at the maternity home was surprised: “Such heavy pregnancy and such healthy baby.” My MARVELOUS BABY is a creation by obstetric doctor Titova!

16.08.2011. Angelica: Last summer I visited gynecologist-endocrinologist Vashchenko at the Asclepiy Medical Center. I had an abnormal cycle. There was no emmenia for a long time due to an unknown reason. Before Asclepiy Medical Center, I visited two other clinics (private-owned) but they could not give me an exact answer there. Then a friend of mine advised me to visit Vashchenko. She is a very attentive doctor, questioned me in details, checked everything, prescribed analyses and subsequent treatment which eventually had an effect (they also prescribed treatment in previous clinics but did not have any effect). In fact, I am very much satisfied with quality of services. Of course, many people complain about high prices but “a cheapskate pays twice.” I have seen that in my own practice.

6.04.2011. Maria P.: We have been visiting this clinic for eight years. We visited other clinics as well, located closer to our home but always come back here. All emotions are only positive in this clinic. Personnel tells in details about various diagnostics and treatment methods but never impose on anything unnecessary. Choice is always ours. If something is really needed they tell that directly. I don’t think that we spent too much money there, everything was justified. Personnel attitudes are good; every body is friendly and skilled specialists. Blood sampling from a two-year-old child takes 3 minutes. For comparison, my little baby was tortured for 10 minutes in another clinic and they failed to sample a required quantity. Time and money was lost in vain. We had to re-sample blood in the Asclepius Medical Center. You never know before you try it.

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